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Monday, September 21, 2009   Phone Number

You can now contact me at 336-4MATSON via Google Voice.

Monday, July 06, 2009   Book Draft Section 2

waves kiss all sides
mist cools the spine
clouds blur direction
confused fear

the mast-line cranked
the boom realigned
the sail goes rigid

the craft gains speed
smooth sailing

The universe is already aligned to a divine order. The less you do to misalign yourself the more you have. Only when one has simplified to the bare essentials can one truly be right with life and their own identity. By aligning to the natural order of the universe you can live gracefully within ecosystems, societies, and the moral order. The true order of the universe is something we already feel and understand. It is made up of common sense principles that permeate our thought and reason. It is only in knee-jerk reactions to our weakness that we stray from the path we already know to be true. In simplifying this path becomes clearer and a true coarse more manageable.

The natural world and the creatures of the earth all align to the universal order. These non-rational beings don't have the burden of reason or weakness to permit them to stray; they know no other way and must work in alignment. It is merely in our knowledge of other paths that we are able to miss the true path of a good life.

A complex life lends itself to a constant upkeep mentality and daily business that can drown one's true passions, and calling. One becomes too busy doing things to do the right thing. We seek more and more to feed our hungers, but the more we add the deeper we hunger. This is the sliding scale on the slick slope to over abundance and true disconnect. We set many plates spinning in our lives and continue to add more plates as we live in constant fear of their emanate demise. The over complexity of thought, action, and material consumption manifests itself in a multitude of spheres including personalities, families, corporations, governments, and cultures.

The universal economy is composed of infinite numbers of transactions occurring constantly and continually to form various trends. Inefficient transactions negatively impact the trend and efficient transactions keep the trend line constant. The universe is infinitely vast in its asset pool, yet inefficient trends corrupt local economies and create hardships for the players involved.

The experience of man is limited in scope and potential. We are confined to the economy of the planet and near solar bodies.

Thursday, July 02, 2009   Book Intro Draft

black grey road
light fluid sky
dark structured wood
my car in the midst
on the rails of road paint
yellow and white
dashed and solid
curving, swooping, swaying
homeward bound

Driving around sharp corners at 45 mph in a Jeep Cherokee can be a daunting experience. When gasoline is priced near four and a half dollars the risk of barrel-rolling to your death is out weighed by the financial cost that an application of brake would cause on your momentum.

I'm driving along the winding roads as I approach my family's home in Omena, MI. It is late in the evening and my headlights focus on each corner as they eliminate the surprises out of view. The action out of the car windows plays out in a near monochrome palate with the yellow road paint playing speedily along the foreground. My mind darts to the woods on either side. "These woods must be teaming with critters," I think. "Agile, mindless critters, running every which way within the woods and likely out across the road from time to time." I realize I wouldn't be able to avoid a suicidal chipmunk or raccoon along this route. Only a brief reflection of the animal's cornea to warn me. My mind automatically spawns the worse-case-senerio: a deer. A collision with a sizable deer could be fatal. I mentally prepare for the possibility, but continue at my efficient rate of speed.

I arrive at my destination and pull into the gravel drive. As I kill the headlights and get out of the car I am greeted by the deepness of the night sky. My pupils expand as I take in the scene. The stars demonstrating the fullness of creation as they populate every available space in the dark canvass.

These are the moments that make you feel small. Small in a good way. A moment that gives you sudden clarity to an old reality that is always true, yet rarely realized. "It's not about me." I think to my self. A comforting thought in the daily complexities and balls we juggle. "I am but an infinitesimal spec in whole of creation." A bit player in a game bigger and greater than anything I could every hope to comprehend.

Simplicity is the only sanctuary in the existential struggle for comprehension.

Sunday, March 01, 2009   Bio

Bradley Matson is an innovative entrepreneur, creative thinker, global citizen and consultant to the Business as Mission movement. He is often spotted brainstorming at various coffee shops, churches, bars, and other places of higher thought.

Bradley was born on the 13th of June 1984 in East Lansing Michigan, USA. A mischievous boy with an unclear future. He became a person of faith and called to live a life of purpose and love by building a better future for some of the neediest people of the planet.

He developed critical thinking skills and managerial training at Hope College, earning a BA in Business management with dual focuses on accounting and communication. Upon college graduation, fulfilling a global calling and receiving Business as Mission training in Thailand through Youth with a Mission.

Bradley is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for ideation; engaging in real estate investment, non-profit fashion and fundraising.

Bradley is a specialist in using business as a transformative tool, employing and empowering our despondent neighbors of the global village. You too can join in the call to better lives within the developing world. By assisting in a business project, contributing time, energy, and resources, or answering the call to serve the needy within your own area of expertise.

Selling a 42" Sony TV...it's heavy

Sunday, February 15, 2009   $450 - Loftmate wanted for Baker Loft Condo (49424)

Num Rooms: 2
Num Baths: 1
533 Columbia Ave. (near 22nd St.)
Square Footage: 1200
Dogs Allowed
Cats Allowed

Looking for a loftmate to share an apartment in baker lofts. A great space that includes large bedroom, shared bath, living room, loft space, kitchen. Building includes theater, conference room, security, restaurant, gym, etc.

Monday, February 09, 2009  

... preparing for the g-mat.

Thursday, January 29, 2009   Globalization and the "Dirt Biz"

In a recent TED Talks lecture the inventor of the "flying car", Paul Moller, made reference to the fact that if everyone had the ability to hop in their flying car and drive 300 mph to work they would make some different choices about where they live. People would be less likely to dish out the cash for expensive dirt near city centers when they could just as easily live somewhere prettier and less expensive several miles away.

The advance of information technologies and the globalization trend also have a flying car effect. As the world becomes flatter and more connected by virtual means the value of dirt may shift dramatically.

This trend is in competition, however, with the urbanization of world populations. People like living around other people. Real people that they can touch (and cut off in traffic.) It will be interesting to see which trend ultimately wins the turf war.

is brewing some espresso to feed the beast.


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